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New Year, New Blog, New Dreams

Welcome to my first ever blog post that isn't solely a book review. This 2020 Ive decided I wanted to take my blogging to new places. My favorite hobby (or passion) has always been reading and writing, and this is my chance to do both. Starting today I would like to dedicate more time this lovely blog and to share with my subscribers my love for the simple pleasures in life, whether it is a book or movie review, a book haul on my newest books or even discussing my latests travels and foodie finds.

Most importantly this year I am deciding to fulfill my goals and hoping that this decade brings a lot of milestones our way. As young adults or adults or wherever stage you're in life right now, decide to make this year yours. Decide with conviction that your dreams will be met and that life will take you on so many unexpected adventures, embrace them with open arms.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure and that you enjoy discovering a little more about my dreams and goals. Please feel free to comment on any of my blog posts or message me through the contact forms around the blog. For all of those who chase stars and dreams and those who reach for the skies and above, welcome to bookswelovee <3