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Review: 16 Ways to Break a Heart by Lauren Strasnick

"You may have moved on, but Pigtails, she hasn’t—she’s stuck still, frozen in place; killing herself trying to sort out what she did wrong to make you stop loving her."

16 Ways to Break a Heart was a tough read. It was super easy to read in one sitting as it keeps you on your toes wondering what will occur to the two characters that shape the story. The dynamic is very interesting, it is told through juxtaposed letters and reactions. Letters from Natalie written to Dan as soon as they broke up. Dan receives these letters and his point of view is reacting to the memories Natalie discusses in her letters. Hence we see both sides of the crumbling relationship.

Having been in a toxic relationship, this story is difficult to read and so easy to understand. Reading reviews I've read many that point out how none of the characters are lovable and hence you loose track of the message of the book. However, this is what I believe is the point of the book. When you're with someone that isn't right for you, it shows. My heart broke as the letters progressed showing Nat's feelings and insecurities and seeing Dan try to save her and then neglecting her. None of them was right, none of them were good people with each other.

The story continues reaching its climax, yet when the ending comes and the final revenge plot is revealed I was left very unresolved. I wasn't expecting Nat to go full out revenge, I don't think this would've helped the book, yet I also didn't expect how anticlimactic the ending was. I felt the story just ended, and no matter how many times I switched the pages to see if I missed something I was just lost.

I don't think the story needed to finish being resolved because that wasn't the point of the book. Its point was to show a toxic relationship and it did well doing that, it was a hard pill to swallow. Yet I felt as if the story should've been a little more conclusive or altering at the end. It just didn't felt right.

Overall I don't think its an amazing book, I think a lot of people won't get the point or message of it. But I got it and I feel as if the story was good enough for what it was trying to do.

-- 3 stars --