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Birthday Season? More like Quarantine Season ...

As Aries season begins, all us Arians are looking at the possibility of spending our birthday alone in the confinements of our home due to the worldwide pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Leaving all of us in utter shock and sometimes even desolation. Now, for those of you thinking that your birthday will be bland and utterly boring this blog post is for you. At the end of the day CoVid 19 might have us recluse and shut down, but it shouldn’t stop you from celebrating another milestone in your life. Even if we are a little sad and unmotivated, make this day a happy one in the endless routine of sad news and confinement. 

First thing first. Be grateful. Even if the day arrives and it isn’t the world wind celebration you were expecting, let’s take a chance to take a breather and realize: we made it. We made it another whole loop around the sun, we’re one year older officially and that should make you happy. Be blessed to be in the spot you’re today and take a chance to really reflect on your findings this year. 

Make a journal entry. Realize how much you’ve changed or grown this year, the challenges you’ve faced. The reasons you’re standing here today. Analyze what you wish to change or mold in this upcoming year and what areas of your life you want continue growing in.

Enjoy what you love, yet never seem to have time to do. Take the day for yourself, it’s okay to be selfish and enjoy what you love to do best. Birthdays are usually spent hosting parties and prancing from one guest to another, when all you might have wanted was a quiet night at home reading. This is your chance to take in the quiet, and celebrate your birthday as you were born into this life. With the people you live with and with yourself. Take a chance to finish the series you’ve been dying to see, or that drawing you wanted to accomplish. Whatever YOU want to do because at the end of the day, CoVid 19 or not, this is fully YOUR day. 

Do a Zoom birthday party if you’re up for it. And don’t forget the cake. Whether you bake it or have it delivered, enjoy those treats that make you happy and celebrate your life and your accomplishments. 

Enjoy yourself and your surroundings and remember to  plan an outing for the future. I am sure all of us are already excited for those June birthday celebrations that we’ll plan as if they were our own. Life’s too short and precious to not spend it happy and in fulfillment of yourself.

Happy Birthday to all and may your wishes come true always <3