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Education is Power, Knowledge is Power

With everything going on at the moment, it is important to understand the power behind education and knowledge. The power of being aware of where we stand in today's history and what we're planning to do about it. Communities are saddened with the abrupt news that sweep the United States, and many continue to be in shock that racial injustices are still a common occurrence in today's world. Many times I have wondered what I can do to help. I've posted in Instagram, I've had hard discussion with my parents and grandparents who have different morals and ideals instilled within them. However, it all seems to be non sufficient, not enough. It saddens me to know that many POC go through life with fear. Fear, that I will never understand. However, today I decide to bring knowledge to my small platform and create a small guide of books and shows to watch to stay informed about what the Black community goes through. It is unfair and it is unjust and our voices must be heard loud enough, our voices must unite in aid of our fellow colleagues, friends, family members. It all starts with education and being educated enough to change the ideals you might have yourself and being educated enough to teach those around you. Some of these books I've read, some I cannot wait to begin. They vary from shows that can be easily found on Netflix, to memoirs and Young Adult books that showcase injustice and bring light to a situation that should not exist. A situation that although many will not understand, all should unite to abolish. 

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama: A memoir and political book written by Former First Lady Michelle Obama. The book highlight struggles she had with being a woman and a POC in a position of power. It highlights the power of education and knowledge, which in a way inspired me to create this blog and teach others the strength you find in reading or watching informational books and shows. 

2. The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas: One of my all time favorite non-fiction YA books. A story very similar to what we're seeing in today's America. Racial injustices, a racial murder that creates turmoil and riots in the streets of America. It brings a light to many of the cases that go unnoticed and speaks against police brutality. 

3. When They See Us (Netflix MiniSeries): Based on a real case, this Netflix mini series showcases the Harlem 5 Trial. A case that occurred in 1989 where young kids were accused of a rape they did not commit. A case that shook the world because the police through power and brutality made the kids admit to the crime and spent many years unjustly imprisoned. 

4. Dear Martin by Nic Stone:  Another YA book that speaks about police brutality and the injustices POC go through because of their race and color of their skin. I have not read this one yet but it has amazing reviews, and I have heard great things about it. Narrates the life of Justyce McAllister and discusses a lot of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's ideals. 

5. No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America by Darnell L Moore:  A memoir I haven't read but caught my attention right away. A Black Lives Matter activist, narrates his story on how it was to grow up in American being judged by the color of his skin. "Moore reminds us that liberation is possible if we commit ourselves to fighting for it, and if we dream and create futures where those who survive on society's edges can thrive."

6. 13th (Documentary): A documentary that discusses the 13th Amendment of the United States which declares: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States." The documentary utilizes footage of prisons and activists that discuss being unfairly accused. 

7. Who Killed Malcom X (Netflix documentary): Many books and shows discuss the murder of activist Malcom X and the actions leading to his murder. This Netflix documentary, you embark in a journal of finding justice and answers for what occurred. You can find many more books and memoirs written about this topic as well: The Autobiography of Malcom X by Malcom X, The Sword and the Shield among others. 

8. All American Boys by Jason Reynolds: A YA book I need to get my hands on. It narrates how a single violent event changes the lives of two friends, one being Black and the other White. The town and the community start taking sides in this racial discussion of police brutality and understanding the events that occurred. 

9. White Fragility: Why It's so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo:  A very important read, as it showcases an anti-racist activist and his discussion of racism and understanding the core of it. "Referring to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially, white fragility is characterized by emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and by behaviors including argumentation and silence"

10. I'm Not Dying with You Tonight by Gilly Segal and Kimberly Jones: A YA book that discusses racial tensions in the United States and therefore causes chaos in the protagonists town, chaos that begins with uprooted racial injustices and begins from a place of hate. 

Please feel free to comment or speak to me about more important books or shows to read and watch. It is important to speak about this issues and the more we know about them, the more we can each put our little grain of salt and educate ourselves and the people around us to do better.