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Review: A Spectacle of Souls by Jessica Julien

Name: A Spectacle of Souls

Author: Jessica Julien

Series: Book 1 of the Circus of the Stolen Series

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Magic

A Spectacle of Souls is a story that doesn't have its character's ideals and morals set, therefore the story really doesn't make sense as it is solely based on them. We have characters that are killed off somewhat untriunphantly, not given a real chance of success or appearance in the story. Characters that are deemed with high important, but don't receive a big enough death cause or grief through the other characters that us as readers eventually don't feel the feelings. 

In my opinion one of the most important factors of a good storyline its the characters. Without the readers connection to the characters, you have nothing but words and a pretty world. This is what I think happened with this book. The setting appears to be majestic and confusing (on purpose), the mystery seems to unravel in certain ways that may be intriguing, however the characters fail to show the reader emotion and thus all that is desired to be achieved, isn't. 

A Spectacle of Souls is the book that could've been. A book that could be improved and strengthen but as it is right now it is not interesting enough for the reader or in my case myself, to continue reading the next book if there is one. 

The sad thing is I really enjoy circus reads, thus I am also highly expectant of this books to deliver and if they don't I get crushed really easily as many don't reach my standards of magical realism or my expectations of a book based on magic. This is also mainly due to the fact that my all time favorite book is The Night Circus, and really many books try to be what Erin Morgenstern created but are not able to reach the awe inspiring writing she has. 

--- 1.5 stars ---