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Review: A Sweet Mess by Jayci Lee

"So I'm Peter Pan and you're Wendy, all grown up?"

Name: A Sweet Mess

Author: Jayci Lee

Type: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Romance

One of my goals this year is to read more diverse stories, with characters that are culturally different. I picked up this book after receiving it through Net Galley and was enamored since the get go. 

The story narrates the blooming romance of our Korean - American protagonists after their whirlwind one night stand. Aubrey Choi, a respected baker in her small hometown desires to make it big. However, after famous food critic Landon Kin destroys her shop due to a mistaken order, her dreams start to dwindle that. To make matters worse that whirling one night stand she had? Well, that's our famous Landon Kin. 

One of my favorite things about the book is the writing, I found it very interesting and easy to read. As soon as you begin, you really don't want to stop due to Lee's captivating wording. The recipes and descriptions of delicious food had me salivating and wishing I could eat at one of these marvelous locations. The blooming romance and friendship between Landon and Aubrey was amazing. It was slow burn and it burned so bright and yummy that it allowed you to desire their relationship to work more than anything in the world. 

The only "issue" I see is maybe the problems of their past mingling with the present not being developed enough. For example, Landon is closed off due to his father but the reasons for this (although explained) are not really shown. He wanted to date Aubrey in the beginning, he had mixed feelings because of everything, but he was never closed off. However, during the middle he decides to keep it a secret and not out their relationship. The difference in character wasn't explored much and maybe that's where I can knock off a star. 

However, I was very very incredibly surprised and in love with Lee's writing. She really was able to set me right there with the lovely settings and wonderful food.

*I received this book through net galley in exchange for an honest review*

-- 4 stars --