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Review: A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

“this isn’t our true home, girlie. This life … well, it’s just a great big adventure while we have it. An adventure to enjoy and love with all of our heart before we go on to the greatest adventure of all."

Title: A Thousand Boy Kisses

Author: Tillie Cole

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, Young Adult

A Thousand Boy Kisses is a wonderful book, prepare to be swept up your feet and please keep a box of tissues nearby, you'll need them. I didn't know what the book was going to be about, or why all these reviews were of people sobbing and leaving the book feeling depressed. I know now, and I warn you since NOW that the story will break you. There really was no preparation or introduction to the "big twist" in the book, because at the end of the day that is how life is and how broken our characters were, that's how broken we were as we were reading this.

The story is epic, the love story is everything you want in life. The main story is about Poppy and Rune. Rune moves from Norway to Georgia and becomes Poppy's neighbor. They slowly become best friends and when Poppy's grandma dies she gives her the most wonderful adventure of them all. A jar filled with paper hearts for her to fill them out with "a thousand boy kisses." As this happens Rune is convinced all those kisses will be filled by him, as their friendship slowly turns into a romance. As they grow up and begin high school, Rune's parents give him the worst news of all - they are returning to Norway for two years. Devastated the couple promises to keep in touch, however they slowly start their long distance relationship and suddenly without any premise Poppy stops communication with Rune. Filled with hate and rage, he starts becoming someone else, a bad boy. Two years later they both return to Georgia, and as they see each other again Poppy is aware she needs to come clean.

"held on to the memory of that wave goodbye. I vowed to hold onto it until that wave welcomed me home again. Until it once again stood for ‘hello’."

I honestly, expected that Poppy had gotten pregnant that was the twist I was hoping for because the other twist broke my heart and didn't allow me to breathe until the very end, and still at that end I was sobbing for the love that the characters had for each other. The love was so pure and innocent and it was wonderful to see them mature and change each other for the better. As soon as Rune learns the reason behind Poppy's disappearance he begins to change and mold himself to the person he wished to be. One of my favorite aspects was seeing Rune's black cloud go away as he slowly stopped hating the world and started opening his heart again for love.

There really are no words to explain how this book made me feel. How line after line I thought about my faith and the incredible messages that were being discussed through Poppy's life. I feel in love and fell in a deep reflection of my own life and about cherishing those moments that mean so much to us. Life is really wonderful and at the end of the day is our choice how we get to live it.

"Kiss eight hundred and nineteen was the kiss that changed it all. The kiss that proved that a long-haired brooding boy from Norway and a quirky girl from the Deep South could find a love to rival the greats. It showed that love was simply the tenacity to make sure that the other half of your heart knew he, or she, was adored in every way. In every minute of every day. That love was tenderness in its purest form."

--- 5 stars ---