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Review: Act Like a Lady by The Lady Gang

"HIS NEXT GIRL ISN’T BETTER THAN YOU. And she definitely doesn’t have a golden vagina. She just expects less than you did and puts up with more bullshit than you were willing to put up with. It’s easy to think you had a profound impact on his heart and trained him to be a better man, but the truth is, he just dated a weaker woman after you. If a guy treated you like shit, you bet your ass he’s treating his new girlfriend like shit, too. So congratulations on adding this guy to your porkfolio. Time to move on!"

Name: Act Like a Lady

Author: The Lady Gang

Type: Standalone

Genre: Self Help, Feminism, Non Fiction

I believe I should start this review with the disclaimer that I do not read a lot of non fiction nor do I read self help books. I sometimes would find them boring and useless, however this year I have made it one of my goals to at least read 1 non fiction book per month to keep me out of the fantasy world and keep my feet grounded in the world I actually live in (no matter how much I want to live in Velaris). All my usual self help books get very few stars, hence when I saw this pretty aesthetic cover I had no expectations whatsoever of it to inspire me as much as it did. Writing this review, I am actually thinking about re reading it, it was just THAT good.

The Lady Gang is a group of celebrities from LA that formed a podcast to talk about the realities of being a woman, of the pain of heartbreak and the norms society has build for us over the years to be a successful bad ass. The book is raw from the beginning. These women speak from their heart and they write essays about the funniest and saddest moments of their career and personal life. The book is a wonderful heart to heart among colleagues turned into friends.

The book is separated into topics, where each topic has a set of essays written by the authors. We have everything from love, to parents, to motherhood, to work and friends. It doesn't try to do too much and it also doesn't tell you what the "Real " way to do life is, as each woman is different so are her opinions and the advice she gives. Most feminist books talk about how powerful we women are, but fail to mention the downfalls of our emotions and how sometimes we just want to give up. This book talks about it all, one of my favorite parts is that it doesn't make you want to be a superwomen (which is so unreliable and unrealistic). Instead it speaks about owning up to the good and the bad in our life and telling that guy that keeps popping into our life to ruin it to fuck off. To follow our dreams and to not let our dreams or goals be defined what other see as successful. One of the best essays was in regards to knowing what success means for YOU and only for you. While success for some might be being the BOSS for other it might not be that, and you are still successful because it is YOUR goal and not other peoples.

I honestly loved the book, and I will keep it very close to my heart as it came into my life in a moment I needed a truthful and raw girl talk.

-- 5 stars --