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Review: After the Rain by Renee Carlino

"Well, I suppose she needs to learn that there are as many ways to love as there are to die”

Name: After the Rain

Author: Renee Carlino

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Adult, Suic After the Rain is a sad story about second chances and finding yourself in the midst of heartbreak and grief. It tells the beautiful story of Ava and Nate. Two young’s souls distraught because of current situations in their life.  Having lost her husband emotionally at a very young age due to an accident that left him paralyzed and depressed and then physically after he couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide, Ava has had it with love and affection. Living her days as a blur in the barn hoping for the day that she too leave this Earth. Nate is an excellent LA surgeon, following in his father’s footsteps until one day he makes a mistake in the operating table that cost a young 15 years old life. To ease his mind of the possible law suit his father ships him of to Montana where Ava and his uncles live to find himself and take a breather of the city. However, he wasn’t expecting to find love and for it to completely change his course of life.  Ava and Nate hit it off immediately, as he is the new face in town that doesn’t treat her like she’s breaking or cursed. However Ava is still stuck with the idea that her husbands death was her fault and she doesn’t deserve love.  The story is sweet and sad, yet for a story that is filled with so much raw emotion I imagined myself feeling more which was not the end result. Instead I felt the story was a bit rushed due to the writing style that is portrayed in the book. The past of both characters is told in a narrative point of view, which I understand, yet it didn’t make me feel for Ava as I should’ve. I also didn’t feel for Nate and his struggles and he didn’t seem to be going through them, he passed from being upset about his first lost patient to being in love with Ava and wanting to fix her issues. I didn’t find him trying to come into terms with what he did and how it really affected him, I loved Nate but the perspective of both characters was a bit superficial. More telling than showing, more I feel sad I killed a young girl rather than actually showing the effect it was having on him.  Overall, I enjoyed the story. It was sweet and I was able to read it fast yet it wasn’t what the emotional rollercoaster  I wanted to read.  — 2.5 stars —