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Review: Aggie the Horrible vs. Max the Pompous Ass by Lisa Wells

"Aggie Johansson is a lot of things, but a nobody isn't one of them. She's funny. She's energetic. She's a force that will turn your word upside-down and make you glad for it. She's not an invisible nobody"

Title: Aggie the Horrible vs. Max the Pompous Ass

Author: Lisa Wells

Type: Standalone

Genres: Adult, Romance, Work Romance, Enemies to Lovers

If you are a fan of enemies to lovers romance this will be right up your alley. I had so much fun reading this book. I do feel that it is not 100% a real enemies to lovers romance but more an "I want to be your enemy but I am failing at it" type of romance. Aggie and Max's chemistry is evident in all the short and sweet scenes that lead up to a big climax. The story is a little slow burn and we get all the tension before anything really happens between our main characters, and I really enjoyed the way Lisa Wells built this sense of dread and necessity.

Aggie has been in and out of jobs for a while now and her grandma has decided that she needs to get her life together hence her grandmother's best friend basically pushes her to her grandson's company. In order to please both parties, Aggie and Max decide to work for each other but not before they try really hard to make each other undesirable. When this doesn't work out they start a good work relationship filled with sexual tension as they both seem to want more than they can have. Workplace romances are a hit or miss for me, and I found that this book was a definitive hit.

The story is cliche enough that it markets well, but it has the correct amount of unique events and quirks in the characters that separate them from any other work place and enemies to lovers romance. I found myself enjoying both Max and Aggie and related to their inner dilemmas.

* I received this eArc from Netgalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review *

--- 3.5 stars ---