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Review: Anchor by Kandi Steiner

"and I whisper the same words over and over and over again until we have no choice but to believe them, until I have no choice but to never rest until they’re true."

Name: Anchor

Author: Kandi Steiner

Series: Book 2 of the Palm South University Series

Genre: New Adult, College Romance

What a whirlwind of a book. Anchor, Book 2 of the PSU series, improved my thoughts in regards to the series as a whole. When I read book 1 I believed it was going to be an interesting and fun ride, but I never imagined the themes and topics that were discussed in book 2. 

Anchor, follows the same group of college students: Erin, Adam, Bear, Cassie, Jess, Ashlei, and Skylar, and continues with romances and adventures. The whole series definitely got more mature and more interesting to read as our characters are faced with very hard choices. I would say that some trigger warning like abortion, rape, drugs and alcohol are mentioned and become sort of the issues our characters have to face. 

Erin was a big favorite for me in this installment. I felt her character was greatly developed and we see her strengthening and being weakened as events occur in the book. Bear, was also a big change for me in this book. I had not enjoyed his personality until this book came around and we got to see more of his thoughts and feelings. 

I feel as the story takes on different relationships and creates, and destroys them a long the way. You really do feel as if you were watching your favorite show, due to the fast paced and drama filled plot lines we have going in this story. 

The story is very addicting, enough that even though I haven't rated them above a 3 star rating I know I am going to finish the whole book and enjoy it. Although the writing is really not out of this world, the content acts like a stress reliever of sorts. 

"I am twenty-years-old, and yet I am a mother, to a baby I’ll never have the fortune of meeting. Except I am not a mother. I am selfish. I am a hypocrite. I am empty."

--- 3 stars --