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Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry

“Because I know no matter how long I get to love you, it will be worth whatever comes next"

Title: Beach Read

Author: Emily Henry

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Women's Fiction

Romance is a very vast and broad genre. Most books have a little dose of romance to electrify the stories, while other make the actual romance the main plot of the story. Beach Read does a little bit of both which I think was wonderful. One of the things I usually do when I finishing reading a book is to read bad and good reviews from other people. If I find myself agreeing with the good ones and defending the bad ones I know I am a goner for the book. This is exactly what happened to me with this one. I felt the story in my bones, the characters and the development of said characters was incredible.

Beach Read narrates the love story between Gus and January. Two completely different writers who used to be "nemesis" in college. January, meets him again after her father dies and leave her behind a note and a key. This note and key is delivered by her father's mistress. Hence, not only is she grieving her father but doubting everything she ever knew about the father she idolized. In this new house she sees Gus again and as they're both struggling through writer's block they decide to switch genres. January has to write a book without a HEA and Gus has to write a romance book. They start teaching each other the process and research they do before their books is finalized, at the same time they both deal with past issues that don't allow them to move forward.

I read a 1 star review of a reader that stated that they felt as if Henry was criticizing the romance genre by *spoiler alert* in the end when they main characters are describing their stories you realize Gus did not complete a rom com or happy ending type of love story. However, I don't think the point was the stories they were writing but how both main characters were able to get their own love story and their own HEA. That for me was the goal and point of the whole story, and it kind of reflected into the books they wrote. They never lost each other in the relationship, or in the books they produced.

This story is not solely a romance, it was very interesting to see the couples actually developing through the relationship and through their own grief. As Gus starts seeing the world in light colors again, so does January, and even though they rely on each other - their own individual process was what amazed me the most.

"when I watch you sleep, I feel overwhelmed that you exist"

--- 4.5 stars ---