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Review: Because You're Mine by Claire Contreras

"My words fall short though because the way he's looking at me makes me wish I did have someone to look after me" 

Name: Because You're Mine

Author: Claire Contreras

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Adult, Crime

As you may or may not know, Claire Contreras is one of my all time favorite romance authors specially because of her Hearts series. She is also one of the first romance authors I started reading so she will always have a special place in my heart. Contreras writing is amazing it always is, however through the variety of books she has it is always a hit or miss with me. 

The book is not bad, the plot wasn't my cup of tea. She has different styles and tropes for everyone out there to enjoy and I have made it my mission to read them all so it is no surprise some I adore and some I could live without. 

Because You're Mine is a gritty and somewhat dark romance novel that begins with our ballet dancer Catalina and Lorenzo our brooding hero. Now the interesting aspect fo this story is that Catalina's father is one of the most lucrative mafia leaders in their state and Lorenzo is a part of the mafia as well. The story continues to enfold as Cat falls in love Lorenzo but she has no idea the secrets or company she keeps. 

The main reason I didn't completely enjoy the story is because I didn't enjoy our main characters. I honestly found the story quite more interesting if it were narrated by Cat's sister. She is studying journalism and is super interested in fighting off mafias and crime, super interesting as her father is part of it. I found that Cat was more into the figuring out Lorenzo and figuring out if I can live with him being in the mafia. He never leaves it and she just comes to terms with it which I didn't really enjoy. As expected the mafia includes a lot of sexist men which is another aspect of the story I didn't enjoy. It conveys the culture well, yet it was too much alpha male for my taste.

Overall the plot is unique, so if you're into alpha males and a little side action/romance, feel free to dig in. 

"He reads me the way you read a favorite book, one you don't even need to open to recite." 

-- 2 stars --