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Review: Bounce by KM Jackson

"I don’t remember when he stopped looking for me or when I stopped noticing."

Name: Bounce

Author: KM Jackson

Series: Book 1 of Loving on the Edge Series

Genre: Adult, Romance, Family

Bounce is nothing what I thought it was going to be, and unfortunately I don't mean it in a good way. From the cover alone, I expected it to be a steamy romance. "The M word" ? I still have no idea what it meant with this, because I was expecting some BDSM or Master type of thing and instead was awarded with a not steamy, late coming of age story about a cheating husband and a self centered and kind of superficial wife. 

The midst of the story is a man cheats on his wife, she forgives him right away but the present catches up to them and our beloved wife cannot take it any longer. She has a fling with her daughter's French teach more around 5 seconds, and in the end forgives her husband. 

I am fine with the whole ordeal or point of the story. Her forgiving her husband was fine and understandable, however I never understood the choices the author made and added to make the story more interesting. All the main character's friends were stupid, and I felt like I was watching a really bad version of Mean Girls with the PTA moms against each other. The romance between the protagonist and her husband is strong yet he never really tried enough for me to like him or agree to forgive him. The storyline with the French teacher was useless because we never really enjoyed him as well. All in all I don't understand what the story was about. Was it about a woman finding herself ? Because I really didn't see that. 

-- 1.5 stars ---