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Review: Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore

“Perhaps you can explain it to me, then,” she said, “how is it fair that my utterly inept cousin is in command of me, for no reason other than that he’s a man and I’m a woman? How is it fair that I master Latin and Greek as well as any man at Oxford, yet I am taught over a baker’s shop? How is it fair that a man can tell me my brain was wired wrong, when his main achievement in life seems to be his birth into a life of privilege? And why do I have to beg a man to please make it his interest that I, too, may vote on the laws that govern my life every day?

Name: Bringing Down the Duke

Author: Evie Dunmore

Series: Book 1 of A League of Extraordinary Women Series

Genre: Historical Romance, New Adult, Feminism, Historical Fiction

We can all agree I am in a Historical Romance mood. This story was definitely exactly what I needed and what I wanted or feel as a historical romance should be. It was sweet and yet it was able to touch base on some incredibly important topic like women's rights and feminism. Our main character is a suffragist, and having a romance story set in that time period (one that I find so special and very important) was a very unique factor for me.

Anabelle, our heroine, is basically poor. She used to live with her cousin until she gets accepted to study in Oxford as one of the few women on the campus. However, one thing she must do to be able to keep her student status is help out the suffragist movement and create awareness of the laws and regulations that the suffragist want to have abolished. However, while she become a part of this group she also meets the famous and sought after Duke of Montgomery. The Duke is everything you would except in a royal, entitled and a royal pain in the pass. As Anabelle attends his home for a party they slowly start unraveling in their secrets and feelings.

I loved the romance. The romance is told in an impossible love story of sorts where our main characters really cannot be together because of social status. The Duke is on the line for getting one of his estates back and to do this he has to follow the order of the Queen, he never expected love to come knocking at his door and for him to desire to leave everything behind for a woman. Anabelle is scared of letting Sebastian in, although his cold exterior is warm with her she is afraid of getting hurt and hates the fact that he has to lose everything to be with her. The stakes are high for the couple and you see them trying to meddle in each others lives with the impossibility of a future. I loved this eery scary feeling of them possibly not being together (although we obviously know that something will make the story work in the couples favor, it still felt dreadful).

The only critique I have is that Dunmore's writing takes a little time to get used to. I feel that she writes perfectly to where and when her story is set, but for me reading it I sometimes took my sweet time. It didn't feel like a fast read which wasn't really an issue, except for the fact that the beginning was a little tedious for the structure of the whole plot, I feel as if her writing can be considered very passive and hence why sometimes I got a little bored.

-- 4 stars --