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Review: British Bedmate by Penelope Ward

“I need you more than I’m afraid of everything else that comes with loving you.”  

Name: British Bedmate

Author: Penelope Ward

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

My happiness has a name, and in this case it is Dr. Simon and this wonderful book. After coming from reading a very non though provoking romance, I jumped into the possibility of a steamy and plot driven story line. Although I did this in trepidation, fearing that I was to be disappointed. As you might now know, Dr. Simon did not disappoint. 

Simon, is a doctor doing his residency in Rhode Island. There he meets Bridget whom he rapidly forms a connection as he is pulling a fish hook out of her butt. Later they find each other again as they discover they are roommates and actually work together. Bridget being a nurse in the same hospital he is doing his residency in. After loosing her husband in a car accident and him leaving behind his 8 year old boy Bridget hasn't allowed herself to really live or love for that matter. Simon, has always been closed to the idea of love after loosing his best friend in a terrible accident. Both, meet each other and although seem completely wrong for each other seem to bring out the best in their personality and in their relationships. 

I loved a lot of things about this book. It was filled with many raw and emotional dilemmas, I loved that you got to see the dynamic of the characters and their personas actually changing. One of the things I hate about books is flat characters, and they are so easy to come across in romance books. Both Simon and Bridget grow as they explore their relationship. I loved that the story is hilarious, I never laugh in books or movies, yet this one had me chuckling and laughing out loud as their banter and his crude remarks became too funny to handle. 

The book is also steamy but not to the point where the sex is all that is good in the book. There is depth and development to the story, a sense of change and plot twits that blend into the storyline causing the reader to visualize the relationship between the main characters to grow. It also helps that our main character is British. 

I loved the complexity of the story and the snippets we see of Simon molding himself into a mature man who desires to be a father to Bridget's son. How we begins wanting sex but later slowly starts unraveling the issues from his past and his desire to open up. It was a story of love, but most specially how love can heal and restore. 

“Because I am, luv. I’ve been insecure about having a relationship my whole life—meeting you changed that. You’ve made me better, more secure than ever, not the opposite. Love makes you stronger, not weaker.” 

--- 4 stars ---