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Review: Chasing Frost by Isabel Jolie

Name: Chasing Frost

Author: Isabel Jolie

Series: Book 5 of West Side

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense

Chasing Frost is one of the first romantic suspense novels I have ever read and it thrilled me to become entrapped by the heroine and by her strength. There were lots of pros and cons to the story and I must say that all these books in the West Side series can be read as standalone. This will not be the one and only book I read from this authors that's for sure. Chasing Frost tells the story of our undercover cop Sydney "Sadie" who is in charge of a white-collar undercover crime investigation in Chase's business. Soon they start to get very close to each other, but Sadie's case gets more dangerous and highly suspicious.

The description and many people describe this as an enemies to lovers and honestly this is the first mistake. Chase liked her from the beginning and so did Sadie. The "enemies" part comes from them not being amicable at the beginning because they just met and they're very different from each other. However an enemies to lovers romance is filled with angst and doubts, this had neither.

The action filled plot is great. This is definitely what I enjoyed most of the story. I am a fan of cop shows and thus having one of my guilty pleasures being described in a book made this story so fun for me. I loved the scenes were Sadie finally tells everyone or shows is the better word who she really is and she is such a badass character.

Now, in order for me to love a romance book I have to love both characters. No matter how much I liked Sadie, I hated Chase. In my head he was unappealing and not sexy or steamy at all. Hence, his scenes and his brain did not entice one single nice response. It was mostly eye rolling and being disgusted by his "t-shirt" wearing style. His brain fart was also not nice to follow, the author sometimes wrote this cringe sentences referring to what Chase was thinking that made me believe he was still a teenager not a grown ass man. Now, his friends' are a complete different package. Those guys seem to have a great storyline, thus I am not done with this series.

* I Received this ebook through Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review*

-- 2.5 stars --