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Review: Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

“And you're not lost?" "Maybe I am. But the difference is that I want to be found. I'm not happy pretending everything is fine when I know it's not." "And just who is it that you suppose will find you?" "It'll be me. I will find myself.” 

Name: Cinderella is Dead

Author: Kalynn Bayron

Type: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Retelling, Fantasy

Cinderella is Dead has an incredibly good premise and idea behind the plot, however the actual story was not what I was promised or thought I was going to read. There were many aspects I enjoyed, however the bad plot point sallowed me to block out the good of the book and therefore make me not enjoy it as much as I though I would have. 

Cinderella is Dead, follows our main character Sophia. Sophia wants more than what she is offered in her patriarchal society. She is supposed to attend the ball and be married of to a man, but she doesn't want to be married off and most specially to a man. She is in love with her best friend Erin, but her town doesn't allow her love to bloom. As Cinderella (yes the real one) has been dead, for over 200 years, Sophia thinks it is time for her to find herself and after attending the wretched ball she escapes into the woods. There she finds Constance and together they try to search for Cinderella's remains, in the hope of finding answers that will allow Sophia to eliminate the King from the throne. 

The story sounds great in paper, it has amazing representation (being that our main character is of color and also queer). However, I feel that the author didn't spend enough time digging into the characters and into the world building for us to care enough. I have never fully enjoyed Cinderella, and although this retelling is far from the actual story, it still uses a lot of the factors the real fairy tale has. It also doesn't make them spooky enough for me to enjoy. I didn't enjoy our villain, and I felt the issues were sprung out and resolved to fast. The main character was kind of too much of a teenager and thus we never really see her grow and mostly I found herself to be confused and not sure of herself. 

I think the story line would have been great if more emphasis was given to our characters and the back story of our world. Not all men are bad, yet some clauses or plot points didn't make sense to me or give me a sense of dread as most adventure books should give you. I never once felt nervous for our characters, I always knew they would succeed and maybe a little more imagination could have been included into this tale. 

-- 2 stars --