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Review: Confessions in B Flat by Donna Hill

“There are words for every occasion - of inspiration, admonishment, hope, love, fear. They're one of the most powerful weapons"

Name: Confessions in B Flat

Author: Donna Hill

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction, Adult

The story is described as a civil rights love story and I cannot think of a more accurate way to describe this poignant tale. Told in between snippets of real events and civil rights speeches, mixed with a love / war story, the book is unique. I don't think I have ever read a book that has tried to captivate your attention with a love story while trying to mix in historical events PLUS links and photos of the real spokesperson and characters of the book. We had snippets of speeches given by Malcolm X and Dr. Luther King as they were trying to improve civil rights for all POC. It was wonderfully built because it was able to depict a really good back story, to the romance that was going on between the two characters.

Our love story takes place in Harlem, New York in the year 1963. Anita and Jason are opposites in every sense. While Jason is in New York to spread the words of Martin Luther king, Anita follows the actions of Malcolm X. One is filled with rage at the situation that follows Black people everywhere, the other uses his rage as a way to create peace and decides to attack the issue with words rather than weapons. The point is, they shouldn't like each other. But like each other they do. Soon they start a whirlwind romance that goes beyond anything they have ever experienced.

I enjoyed the romance a lot, I felt that their conversation were important and touched base on many events of today's world (even if the year difference is completely different). It made me really sad that the issues that Anita and Jason face, although maybe not as extreme (in some cases) are things we are still seeing today in the year 2020.

Another thing I really enjoyed was all the dynamic pictures and links that helped make the story feel current and alive. The romance might have been fake but everything else from the events they were going to, to what they were hearing was all based on facts.

Now, I didn't enjoy the fact that the author might have wanted to write too much and at times the transitions felt off. This what honestly my main and basically only issue of the story but it affected it a lot because it made all the events going on between Jason and Anita feel a little unimportant. They fought for their ideals but in the next chapter we had skipped to Christmas when everything had been settled. It felt at times as if the story was going too fast and while they were already having a baby I was still stuck in that fight they had 3 christmases ago.

Not great transitions and all, I thourougly enjoyed the story. I felt I was right in the middle of Harlem and felt the whole revolution vibrate next to me. I felt everything the characters felt and wish that any one that has a chance and an interest on this topic to pick up this book. It is a perfect mix of romance with the reality of life.

"To each person there is a season. They come and they go. But you can't get to the new season if you're not willin' to leave the old one"

-- 3 stars --