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Review: Crave by Tracy Wolff

Name: Crave

Author: Tracy Wolff

Type: Book 1 of The Crave Series

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance

“He turns me inside out with a look, destroys me with a kiss.” 

Crave has been depicted by many as another Twilight-like vampire book that was supposed to be tantalizing and incredible. Starting this book I was both excited and nervous, as being compared to Twilight is no easy task and having just re read one of my favorite novels of all time AND having just read Midnight Sun, I had all the vampire feels ready to enjoy this book. However, all I could do was compare and sadly Crave paled in comparison to the best selling novel. 

Crave begins with Grace and the death of her parents. She is shipped to Alaska (Denali, hint to Twilight) to live with her uncle who is the headmaster in a boarding school unlike no other and her cousin Macy. Since the beginning the eery students and atmosphere creep Grace out and she is aware that something weird is going on. That's where she meets Jaxon Vega, the most popular and unobtainable student in the academy. Soon she becomes entrapped in his looks and his life and, unaware of the danger she might be in, cannot comprehend the attraction she feels for him. 

The story had its good moments, it is more action packed than Twilight. However, it is a VERY long book and it maybe shouldn't have been, or maybe it could have been used more precisely. During the first third of the book, all we really have is Grace trying to survive in this school and being very obsessive over Jaxon. We don't even get to know Jaxon is a vampire until the 400 page mark (which is spoiled in the synopsis so it is not a plot twist or life changing of any kind). My explanation of what really occurs during the first third of the book is a very confused Grace and no one explaining her what the fuck is going on, which I really didn't enjoy. The writing reminded me more of Vampire Academy than Twilight. 

Another aspect I found a little annoying was the time sequence the story takes place in. We are so deep into Grace's head (all the time) that time passes by really slowly and when you realize only a day or two has passed. Grace doesn't go to class at all during the book and I found it to be a little too focused on Grace's thoughts on Jaxon and thus lacked structure.

The biggest no - no for me was the writing. You can say all you want about Twilight and how "bad" it can be, but Meyer writes a very eloquent young adult. Wolff throws in so many overkill pop culture references that it kind of made my head hurt, I understand she was trying to make Grace seem relatable (?) but I only found her to be basic and thus a little boring. We also get a lot of sappy dialogue (the only dialogue I really enjoyed was Jaxon's). However, it seems that Wolff only made Jaxon the mature teenager in the book because all Macy does is whimper and cough obnoxiously and Grace keeps "thinking" in WTF's and AF sentences (they were way too many). All in all the writing made Grace sound like a child and not at all like a mature young adult. 

The scenes in general were good and thus my rating of this book. I flashed through it because these scenes kept me going, however the writing didn't make it easy. I was still captivated by the story but there were way to many unanswered questions and holes that could have been at least touched upon if we hadn't wasted 60% of the book on Grace swooning (yes she also says this word plenty of times) over Jaxon. Things like "mates" and "gargoyles" existing were randomly thrown in parts with no world building whatsoever. 

Prepared to read this as a fan fiction and you won't be disappointed, but don't expect a thorough and mature YA book, because this is not it. 

--- 3 stars ---