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Review: Crowned by Hate by Amo Jones

Can we stop at iHop? I feel like pancakes.” I smirk. Pancakes. My girl likes pancakes. I’ll be damned. “Done.” I called her my girl. I need a new swear word because ‘fuck’ is losing its effect. Fuck."

Name: Crowned by Hate

Author: Amo Jones

Series: Book 1 of the Crowned Series

Genre: Adult, Romance, Family, Death, Marriage

When I started reading this romance I knew that I was in for a very messed up storyline, I wasn't wrong. It wasn't what I expected, and I really don't think it was what I wanted to read. 

Crowned by Hate is a very weird and confusing romantic ADULT story with many trigger warnings that don't seem to appear anywhere on the premise of the story. It tells the story of the President's daughter and a very powerful man who basically blackmails her to marry him. I though the story was going to follow somewhat the structure and likeliness of the Kiss Thief (which I LOVED). However, I was wrong. The truth is that this man she calls "Wolf" who is the protagonist new husband, is blackmailing her because she killed his brother after a very weird orgy type of event. She is promiscuous and isn't a very enjoyable character, I found her crass and rude at times. Maybe even a little bit naive and stupid at times. I think Jones wanted to make a strong character, but I didn't perceive that at all. Apart from that the author tries very hard for you to like the romance that is blooming between the married couple, but it was written in a way that was too forced and didn't spark any interest in me. The story ends with the most disturbing and confusing cliffhanger. All in all I need to read the second book because I still have some hope the story will redeem itself (a part of me is doubting it though). 

Lines I hated: 

Racist : "I’m truly not sure whether his actual name is Chan, I’ve just always called him that because he resembles Jackie Chan, and I never cared to know what his real name was."

Our main character's sex drive: "If only he could break and give me more sex. I mean, we had sex last night—yes, but I’m a girl with needs, very demanding needs, and I’m seriously in need right now. His hands running down my navel"

--- 1.5 stars ---