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Review: Everything We Left Unsaid by Ashley Cade

Before I leave here, she had to know this is forever. Me, her, Chloe. We're a family now, and Ill never let them go" 

Name: Everything We Left Unsaid

Author: Ashley Cade

Series: Book 2 of The Wild Hearts Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Well, it didn't get worse than the first one. Although there is more plot, I feel we still have somewhat the same issues with the sub-characters and in this case I found no real sense of resolution. 

After their tormented love affair during the summer, Abby and Jacob try to form a long distance relationship only to find out that Abby is pregnant. Trying to tell Jacob she is received with silence, not knowing that Jacob is in Africa. However, she receives a letter signed by Jacob with money and a petition to give away the baby she is carrying. Dumbfounded Abby sets to hate Jacob for the rest of her life. However, she never expects him to come to her door and whisk her away as if nothing had happened, as it wasn't him who sent her the letter. 

I love dramas like these, the "I didn't tell you I was pregnant",  the finding out about the baby years later. They usually gut me and fill me with joy and sorrow. However, Everything Left Unsaid had a few holes that didn't allow me to completely relish in the drama and in the plot. 

The first hole that it exists is the extreme romance. Even for a romance book, I found it being too much. Even though it tones down a little bit compared to the first book, I still found it too unreal. No love is as perfect and although they do go through their ups and downs it's like they're not real people. 

The second issue is again the sub-characters. They're barely there. We don't get to see Luke again (WHY was he even present in the first book?) They add a little more action in regards to both Jacob's parents and Abby's grandma and those parts I really enjoyed. However, this makes up 30% of the book. While the rest is sex scenes (a lot of them, maybe even too many) and them falling in love again with each other. 

I am not disappointed, as after reading the first book I knew the author's writing style. I didn't love the story but it was enjoyable and there was an itch in me that really wanted to finish the book. I was though a little disappointed in the ending. I felt, no pun intended, that there were a lot of things left unsaid. 

-- 2.5 stars --