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Review: Hush by Dylan Farrow

“Sometimes being extraordinary is to be extraordinarily lonely"

Name: Hush

Author: Dylan Farrow

Series: Book 1 of The Hush Series

Genre: Young Adult, Magic, Fantasy

Well that didn't turn out as I wanted it too. I was very excited to begin this story and get my hands on a magical and fantastical world, but this plot and this story didn't deliver. I wasn't astounded or amazed by the characters or the whole setting where the story takes places. There are a lot of plot wholes that could have been solved with few less internal banter and more external explanations of the world and the characters.

Hush tells the story of a world where not many people have magic, and those who do are powerful (not very creative). The people that have magic are basically a cult or that was how I imagined them and their purpose is to do these magical spells on the towns that provide goods and money to them. However, there is this "sickness" that is spreading and killing off the world? Shae is our main character and she lives in one of the poorest towns, she has always felt she was different. After her brother and her mother's death she runs off and finds this "school" where she basically learns she is one of the magical beings.

The story was very all over the place, hence why my summary is not very detailed or great. There's a very good idea behind it, I love schools and dark academia type of stories where there are magical and creepy cults, but this wasn't creepy or fun to read. All the plots twists were so obvious and the questions (the important ones) are never really answered. All though I know this is the first book and another one might probably come out to answer these questions I felt as thought we should have at least grasped the sense of the story or where it was going, but I never really got it.

One of the things I really didn't enjoy was the character development, as I felt it lacked in a lot of places. Our main character seemed bland and the love interested is stale bread. You guys know how I love my dose of romance, but in this story it was just thrown out there as a subplot and it wasn't even development enough for us to AT LEAST root for the lovers. There is not even a kiss... It all just felt like a high school crush for me.

There are some details here and there that caught my attention, but overall the story was so confusing to read and not developed enough for me to be invested in it.

"I wonder if he realizes that his words have the opposite of their intended effect. The more he taunts or warns me , the more determined I am. I want to see the look in his eyes when I prove him wrong"

* I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

-- 2 stars --