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Review: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

““I am constantly trying to learn the rules, only to realize that the people who win don't seem to follow any.”

Title: In Five Years

Author: Rebecca Serle

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Adult Fiction

In Five Years was described to me as a romance, and I went in with this idea. However, since I based myself of a romance standard I think the story itself fell short. I believe it is important to enter the book knowing that the romance part is really not that present. I would call it more of an Adult Fiction book than an actual romance and thus enjoy the book knowing that it's a story of growing up and finding happiness. In Five Years is a story of friendship and grief, one that has been described to me as boring but I completely disagree.

In Five Years is not a boring story it just reads slowly as any Adult Fiction that I have read does. It is not fast faced or plot based, instead it relies a lot on character development which isn't a bad thing. The book tells the story of Dannie who falls asleep on the eve of her marriage proposal and wakes up 5 years later in bed with another man. As she falls asleep in this future time she wakes up again back in her old life. Soon she starts coming to the realization that she was not as fulfilled as she expects herself to be and in reality she is very stuck in the way her life is at the moment. Soon however, she meets this "Dream Guy" who is actually her best friends serious boyfriend AND her best friend soon discovers she has cancer.

Hence, the story is not about romance at all. It is about Dannie grieving her best friend, of grieving the relationship she is in (one where she isn't happy just content). It is about Dannie growing up and finding her real intentions in this life, with the possibility of not having her best friend by her side. The story is really beautiful and it allowed me to become invested in the characters and their development. I recommend it 100% but I do advise to go into it not believing it a romance.

“You mistake love. You think it has to have a future in order to matter, but it doesn't. It's the only thing that does not need to become at all. It matters only insofar as it exists. Here. Now. Love doesn't require a future.”

--- 3.5 stars ---