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Review: In The Neighborhood of True by Susan Kaplan Carlton

"'You' he said. Just that. Just Perfect"

Name: In The Neighborhood of True

Author: Susan Kaplan Carlton

Type: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Family, Historical Fiction

A very very important read. This year I have made it one of my goals to open myself up to reading more cultures and authors that are willing to speak up about issues that we are still facing today like racism and Anti-semitism. I am very thankful for the author and the publisher for sending me this story and allowing me to learn more about this situation. 

In the Neighborhood of True is a coming of age story in the midst of racism. Our main character Ruth is Jewish, however after her father's death her mother takes her and her sister back to Atlanta to live with her grandparents. Her family doesn't really accept her mom's choice of turning Jewish and Ruth in the midst of wanting to fit in she lies about her religion. Through this she falls in love with the South, and her new friends and the shininess that comes with being considered White and privileged. 

However, Ruth soon discovers that all these shiny things have a price and aren't to be taken for granted. Slowly she finds her voice and discovers the harsh truth behind cross burnings and lynchings and basically hate crimes against minority communities propagated by the KKK. 

The story had a very unique voice, which was my favorite part of the book. I didn't find the story boring, however it does get a little slow at times. My only wish is that Carlton, dealing with such a heavy topic decides to go the lighter route using a very frivolous and passive voice (who I enjoyed so much). However, it would have made the story deeper if more emotion was present, I think the story itself could've been more heartbreaking and thus more eyeopening. As it is, it leaves you thinking about these events but a little nudge more could've really gutted you. 

I loved the writing, the author writes beautifully and very uniquely. The story is set in a different world basically where the same social issues of today's world are occurring, making this story so relevant in today's times. 

--- 3 stars ---