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Review: In The Unlikely Event

"It’s not the right time to be together, I agree. But if we meet again, under any circumstances, any time in the future, we’re making this work, Rory. Feck spouses. Feck boyfriends and girlfriends. Feck the world. If kismet happens, we are letting it happen, no matter what.” 

Title: In The Unlikely Event 

Author: L.J Shen

Type: Standalone Novel

Genre/Themes: Romance, Adult, Second Chance Romance

In The Unlikely Event is a unique story of love, second chances, grief and lies. Our leading lady, Aurora Belle has a princess name (actually two!) yet her life, or so she thinks, is the exact opposite of the fairy tale her mother wanted her to have. As soon as her father (whom she's never met) dies, she starts realizing there's a world inside of her she doesn't know or understand. Hence, drowned in grief and against her mother's wishes she packs her bags and decides to take a flight to her late father's homeland: Ireland.

When she reaches the country she realizes it wasn't what she expected, specially when she meets the Irish poet Malachy and she is swooned into believing in kismet. After a whirlwind romance that lasts a day, she leaves to America but not before they sign a napkin contract promising each other that in the unlikely event they ever meet again they have to drop everything and start a life together. The pair start living their own lives, never really forgetting about each other until they meet again (was it planned or destiny?) to find out everything has changed and they may not be able to give each other the promise of love. Yet the chemistry is still there, the fire that they both arose in each other hasn't left their souls. 

The plot of the story is interesting, and me be being a lover of all things destiny and kismet I expected to like the story better. However, there are many sides of the story I didn't enjoy. One of them being the whole Hollywood/Rockstar subplot. Rory is a photographer and she works for a slimy dude and thus the reason why Rory and Mal meet again to work together. One as a song writer, one as a photographer. The whole fiasco with the celebrities and the glitz and glam (coke and sex filled parties), were not my cup of tea. I feel that following this story line Shen could've made it a little less wild and a little more meaningful. In many ways I just don't think it made any sense. 

The other area I didn't like was the gross sex scenes (the chocolate scene I found disturbing, sorry) and somewhat crude behavior they both partook in (like cheating with their significant others). 

“Isn’t that the essence of love? Find someone worth killing for? Someone with the power to ruin you?” 

Apart from that, the story does get incredibly interesting as soon as all the secrets are being uncovered. Our characters weren't very one track minded and one could see them changing as the book progressed. Mal with his ice cold heart after thinking he was betrayed and then starting to realize all the lies he made himself believe. For Rory it was the same way too, she was starstruck after seeing Mal again only to be hurt time and time again with his malicious intents. The story is a little bit of a toxic one, not going to lie and it won't be for everyone to read. However, if you're into romances that are a little bit messed up I would recommend this one for you. 

(Image taken from Goodreads) 

--- 3 stars ---