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Review: Lava Red Feather Blue by Molly Ringle

““Its strange but I miss you. I meant it truly when I wished to see you again. But I cannot send for you without endangering you”

Title: Lava Red Feather Blue

Author: Molly Ringle

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Fantasy, LGBT Romance, Retelling

Lava Red Feather Blue was a delightful surprise. It took me on an adventure to the Fae world, a world I am known to love. I think this year and the past one has been all about finding these hidden gems in books and this story / sleeping beauty retelling is definitely up there. Our fantasy story starts with Merrick as he unravels a spell freeing a prince who was been kept asleep a long with a dark Faery called Ula Kana. A soon as Prince Larkin wakes, so does she and she starts creating a civil war within their country. Soon the two men have to go into the Faery lands and try to capture the evil creature.

I enjoyed many parts of the story, one of my favorite ones being the silly banter and romance that blooms between Larkin and Merrick. It is pretty insta-love, but I enjoyed it and I felt it worked for the adventure they were going on and the time that they were really passing in the faery lands. Something I didn't like about the characters was that they seemed way younger than what they actually were. They were supposed to be grown adults of 26 and 29, but the dialogue sometimes seemed fit for a 17 year old. This didn't make me take them so seriously as I should have.

The action itself was pretty good, I loved the scenes where they venture into the different realms in the Fae territory and have to go through different tasks in order to defeat Ula Kana. Many cute scenes are added here and there that make the story come alive and be very unique as per all those other adventure fantasy stories that exist.

--- 3 stars ---