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Review: Layla by Colleen Hoover

“We found each other once - when we met.

Then we found each other again - after she died.

That makes me believe in us enough to think we could do it a third time."

Title: Layla

Author: Colleen Hoover

Type: Standalone

Genres: Romance, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Thriller

There is really not much to say about this book without spoiling it. However, I do need to say that YOU NEED TO REA IT. I know I am biassed and there is not one CoHo book I haven't enjoyed, because she's just that good. But GUYS, this book was everything. I finished it one sitting because I kept thinking no its going to slow down now, enough for me to let the book go and then grab it a few hours or days later. No, this didn't happen the book just kept throwing me curve balls and delivering thrill after thrill. There came a point where all my point could comprehend was "WTF." All in all I thought I knew where the story was going to, but as always I had no idea. Way to go Colleen. She really did out do herself.

Layla tells the story of the past and present of our love birds Layla and Leeds. They met at Laylas sister's wedding and fell deeply in love with each other. However, Leeds' ex girlfriend goes on a jealousy attack and tries to murder them by shooting them. After the accident nothing is ever the same. Layla becomes confused and suffers from anxiety attacks, as well as memory loss. Leeds, tries to be the comforting boyfriend and to rekindle their relationship he takes them to the Bed and Breakfast where they met. However, this doesn't turn out as planned and Leeds starts to question everything he has ever believing after meeting Willow.

I again urge you to go read the book, nothing that I say will make you understand the depth of the story. Nothing I say will prepare you for the ending and the wonderful twists and turns CoHo has yet again built for us. Another amazing thing Colleen does is that she makes you believe so many different things throughout the book that there is never a dull moment, and there is never a moment where you know who the bad guy is. From start to finish this story was spot on, making it the first 5 star book I have read this year

“Falling in love with her was weightless, like air was breezing through my bones.

Falling out of love is fucking heavy, like my lungs are carved from iron."

--- 5 stars ---