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Review: Love Struck by Kate Watson

"But you're more than the stars for me, Tony. You're my universe"

Title: Lovestruck

Author: Kate Watson

Type: Standalone

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Mythology

For any one that adores Greek mythology and its powerful Gods this book will enlighten your romantic self and make you swoon and laugh for days. When you aren't experienced (sadly like me) in mythology it can leave you a little dumbfounded. Yet at times entertaining, Love Struck is a cute story for young adults to read when they're looking for a fast and heart felt romance and coming of age story.

Kali, our heroine, has the worst luck in the whole Mt Olympus. From having had a terrible match that made her hate her destiny, to her best friend / crush stinging himself with his own Cupid love arrow and then later on stabbing herself with an arrow when she was supposed to match her target to someone else, she is one heck of a mess.

The story continues on Kali trying to take a hold of her destiny and make everything right again. She doesn't believe in faith and hates the fact that everything seems to be written in the stars for her, plus she also hates the guy he really has feelings for is stuck feeling fake feelings created by the arrow not with his actual heart. However, cute and melodramatic Kali's story is I found the sub characters to be more interesting and full than she was. Her best friend goes to hell and back to help her more than once (not literally) and has friends that literally go to hell for her and her issues. Yet, she seems to not understand the power she has over people and spends her days thinking about herself. At least this is what the reader believes after spending sometime inside her brain. I would've loved for her to be a little less self-absorbed and realize how the world around her isn't crumbling because of a bad match.

Another thing I enjoyed was the sub-characters and their stories, the romances between Artemis and Tony as well as Kali's best friend romance and Hector and his life as a muse it was all more interesting than Kali trying to fight off her fake feeling for a boy I also did not really care about. I wish there was more of Deya, more sisterhood, I wish there was more of Hector and Kali whose story really had potential.

Nevertheless, the story is a joyful one that entertained me completely. It also made me want to know more about these Gods, hence I might pick up a good mythology book next. Maybe send some recommendations through the comment section if you know of one I need to read?

--- 2.5 stars ---