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Review: Machiavellian by Bella Di Corte

"'I got a deal," I said. "You should have demanded more"  

Name: Machiavellian

Author: Bella Di Corte

Series: Book 1 of Gagsters of New York Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance

I wasn't prepared for this book, wasn't prepared for the tears and the heartfelt memories these book left me as soon as I reached the end. I loved it, the beginning, the middle and the end. I loved the characters involvement with each other, the writing was spectacular, and the overall tone of the story kept me interested and enamored until the very end.

Machiavellian is a very unique book. I have read a fair share of dark romances, contemporary romances, you name it. However, you know a romance author is good as soon as she is able to write a romance that tells a story. Many romance authors (or those I have read lately) have skimmed the potentials of their books to the surface, never digging deep into the core of the story. Bella Di Corte dug deep and went into dark traumas and built connections through her writing that not many are able to achieve. She also took heavy thematic elements and discussed them and approached them in delicate yet meaningful ways.

The plot follows our heroine Mariposa as she scraps for food in the streets of New York. Homeless and without a cent to her name, she meets Mac, who proposes her a deal she cannot deny. Mac offers to marry her exchanging all the wealth he has in exchange for her loyalty, as his grandfather is dying and his ultimate wish was to see him married. However, Mariposa wasn't prepared for Mac to be more than just a rich man, he is a dangerous ghost from her past that she was unaware could save her again. Through their marriage and evolving friendship/romance they dig out the secrets of the past as well as continue to fight for the happiness they desire. Apart from that, they juggle the reality of the growing feelings they have for each other, when they had promised and negotiated that love was out of the question.

I have to say that my favorite part of the story was the characters. Bella did a great job at juxtaposing the sweetness and innocence of Mariposa to the rugged alpha male exterior of Mac. Together they blended so well, that the tone of the story was created through them. Both perspectives were interesting to read and to follow. Mac, was obsessive and a bit mean at times, yet his masculinity wasn't so exaggerated that we don't fall in love with him, on the contrary we fall deeply in love with his behavior.

"I Don't bend. I don't fucking break. I kneel for no mere man on this earth." I didn't look at her, so I used my fingers to guide me. I took her hips in my hands and rested my forehead against her stomach. "Except for you, Mariposa. You can bend me. You are the only woman who has the power to bring me to my knees. I need your mercy"

The added plot of being a mafia romance cannot go without being mentioned. This is one of the first of few mafia books I have read that have been able to captivate me. Not only the city of New York seems to come alive within the plot but so does the beautiful country of Italy and the language it offers. The author really makes you disappear into a dangerous yet pleasing world, that you never want to come out of.

* I Received this ebook through Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review*

-- 4 stars --