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Review: Marauder by Bella Di Corte

Name: Marauder

Author: Bella Di Corte

Series: Book 2 of Gagsters of New York Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance

Well after Machiavellian you can say I was excited to get my hands on this book. Machiavellian had me searching up mafia families to see if they still existed. Cash Kelly made me want to run the other way. In Machiavellian we met the protagonist of this love story. Cash Kelly is the possible boyfriend or lover of Mariposa's best friend Keely. Keely is a tough woman, dating this cop she really doesn't love and trying to live the life she thinks is best for her family. In comes Cash Kelly ready to cause turmoil and havoc. They soon get married and Keely becomes involved in the world of the mafia, something she wished to stay far away from.

Honestly, this story lacked for me in many areas. I did not enjoy Cash Kelly as the hero. I did not find him attractive and I kept comparing him to Machiavellian, which in turn made me compare Mari to Keely and I did find a huge disadvantage in doing this as it made me like this story less. I felt that unlike Mari and Mac, Marauder's love story took too long to actually take place. The two characters spent too much time trying to hate each other (specially Keely) that it was not interesting, and then they abruptly became BFFs and lovers. I just didn't buy this story as much as I bought Mac's love for Mari.

Now I did enjoy the continuation of the series and I obviously liked Bella's writing, this is something that no matter how much the plot wasn't for me we can't deny it. She really knows how to hook you in and want to keep reading until there's not one single sentence left.

The story was not my favorite, but the writing is still great. Hence I 10/10 recommend you starting to read any of Di Corte's book and see for yourself which Mafia man is for you (I know mine is and will forever remain Mac).

* I Received this ebook through Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review*

-- 3 stars --