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Review: Marriage For One

 “I’m right here, Rose,” he whispered, his rough voice washing over me like a caress that fired something up inside me. “I might not be what you wanted or needed, but you got me anyway. I’m right here.” 

Title: Marriage For One

Author: Ella Maise

Type: Standalone Novel

Genres: Adult, Romance 

A semi addicting slow read that's filled with passion, lust and so many cute moments. Marriage For One, will not be a book for everyone due to the slow pace and repetitive narration. Although the plot is one that interested me, the characters and the slow burn romance that eventually bored me wasn't for me. 

Ella Maise is a wonderful author and other books she has written captivated me more than this one. In all truth I believe I didn't fall hard in love with the characters was because in my opinion there wasn't enough conflict. The first conflict is obvious and as they start to unravel all the other possible and interesting sub plots get thrown out the window. 

First things first, Marriage for One tells the story of Jack and Rose. Having recently lost both her uncle and her boyfriend (or fiancee), Rose is in a bit of a breakdown. Specially since her uncle had promised to give her a shop for her to start her own coffee shop, however in his will she has to be married for this to occur. Now that she is newly single, she also lost her dream job. However, everything is not out of the picture since Jack comes into her life and proposes her to marry him as a business transaction. She agrees, they get married, she regrets it, he regrets it, however slowly as she starts her dream of building her coffee shop and he start getting closer to her they start falling in love without realizing it. 

Although there seems to be more secrets and drama that there is, the story is very one track minded which is what evidently bored me and didn't allow me to believe in the character's love for each other. Everything was just too easy, the main problem too easy to ignore. 

“Your heart always has a home with me, Rose. No matter what, never forget that.”

I wanted to enjoy the book and although some parts of it had me smiling and swooning, the book really didn't cut it for me. 

--- 2.5 stars ---