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Review: Mercenary by Bella Di Corte

"But where there is light there is always dark ah? We have to learn how to balance both. We must be determined to love when the romance fades"

Name: Mercenary

Author: Bella Di Corte

Series: Book 3 of Gagsters of New York Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dark Romance, Mafia Romance

After not adoring Marauder, I had high hopes of this one also being TOP like Machiavellian. However I have a hunch that there was nor will be a book like machiavellian. I think I became so enamored with the relationship that was built in that first book that the other two fell a little flat next to it. It also might have been that it was my first time reading Bella and her writing and her development of characters was new to me. Reading the other two I just kept comparing it to the first one and it made the sequels less enticing for me.

Mercenary continues in the same world as the other two worlds. Corrado, known as the Scorpio, is another gang member who goes to Italy and falls in love with Alcina. They get married really fast, just like the other two books, and they come back to New York. However, Corrado soon learns the identity of the man that killed his parents and wants to get revenge by killing him. This guy, however, is none other than Amadeo, Vittorio Scarpone my beloved Mac Machiavellian. Which obviously didn't immediately make me love Corrado as he was trying to kill the most perfect man.

A negative factor that this book had, in my opinion, was Alcina's development wasn't as good as Mari and Keely's. In their respective love stories they were very important and pretty in the midst of the story. For Alcina, I feel that her story took place more in the background and it became more about Corrado's revenge spree and his hate for Mac. Alcina was too passive for me and she seemed a little weak for the life that Corrado was giving her. Hence, I didn't really enjoy Alcina as a heroine and the relationship, thus, felt flat.

The adventure was still on point, the ending scene between the two heroes and the two heroines was also amazing and I felt I was watching an old black and white Italian movie.

* I Received this ebook through Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review*

-- 3 stars --