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Review: Nameless Queen

 "seeing the city but wishing for starlight"

Title: The Nameless Queen

Author: Rebecca McLaughlin

Genre/Themes : Monarchy, Dystopia, Family, Magic

An adventure filled with magic and the sense of family, Nameless Queen is perfect for fans of The Red Queen, Three Dark Crowns, and all those twisted dystopias that have mixed magic in so well. 

Rebecca delivers a fast paced novel and narrates through the voice of Coin. A nameless citizen who has been given the honor (or dishonor) of becoming the queen and heir of the throne. However, her kingdom is like no other. Where having a name makes you a citizen and where not having one makes you poor and unwanted. Her being crowned is an anomaly, a mistake, she doesn't have a name she is supposed to be worthless. But the glistering crown tattoo says otherwise. As she is escorted to her new home and throne she discovers apart from the magic she has at her fingertips she has also gained many enemies among these halls. It is up to her to discover where her real friends are and what the line of being nameless and being queen really means. 

The magical dystopia is very unique and interesting. The world building allows for the readers to understand the class difference and this difference to be due to having or not having a name was incredibly one of a kind. However, the world building is faulty in the way that we really cannot imagine much of what the world Coin lives in looks like or feels like. We get descriptions here and there but overall it felt more of a book that told and not explained. Things happened just because and there was no depth to the actions or behaviors. For example, I was thoroughly confused with Marcher and his whole purpose on the book. He was hated by Coin but in reality he was a good person and at the end of the book he just disappears and overall his complex character (or his backstory) was not explained or described enough for us to really grasp on and see his motives or purpose. 

What was the most lacking part of this story in my opinion was the characters. There is absolutely no romance, which is not a bad thing however I do think it would have added a layer to the story that did not exist. The guard Glens --- (his name is very difficult to remember) was one of my favorite characters, yet our author and our narrator really didn't get into enough details to break him as a character. Same goes for Hat or even Esther which were such promising sub characters but not enough of them was said or shown for us to really care. 

"My entire life is just a single sentence in someone else's story"

Overall, not a bad read if you love dystopias like I do. They entertain me and usually make my days but this one was faulty and didn't completely deliver the complexity I enjoy in monarchy books and dystopias. 

* I received this ebook through Net Galley in exchange for an honest book review *

--- 3 stars --- 

--- 3 stars ---