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Review: On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

“Unarmed and dangerous, but America, you made us, only time we famous is when we die and you blame us.” 

Name: On The Come Up

Author: Angie Thomas

Type: Standalone

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fiction

I have tried to piece the parts I enjoyed, where the author blew me away and where at times I found myself comparing this story to the author's debut Hate You Give and was caught up short. 

In reality I enjoyed the storyline, the emphasis of my enjoyment being the relationship that Thomas' builds in all her books. The characters are genuine and different, and my favorite part of her stories usually is the development they partake in and how she utilizes their voices as a means of expression. However, as a main character Bri didn't do that for me. I fell in love with Starr the moment she spoke and with the way she talked. Bri, however is a more authentic character in the way that she's far from perfect and thus many people don't enjoy her character. I found myself being one of those readers that didn't enjoy her mind as much as I enjoyed Starr's. However, I do appreciate the writing style and feelings that Thomas evokes in her readers. 

Another issue that prevented me from enjoying the book as a whole, is the main topic. I have never been a fan of books that narrate or have a very strong emphasis on music, the storyline usually never captivate me because that isn't one of my interests. Thus, I don't find myself relating to the characters and thus overall the setting doesn't phase me. This is what occurred to me with this book, I can separate my own enjoyment and the quality of the book and give it a million stars. However, for me this book just wasn't it. 

I did however, enjoy the emphasis or knowledge it gave me in regards to the many topics and issues that are being discussed. It is an important read, however don't read it like me expecting it to be as inspiring as THUG. I don't think it is fair for us as readers to compare author's work because all in all they're different works for a reason. 

--- 3 stars ---