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Review: Pledge by Kandi Steiner

"Whether it’s forever or just for right now, I vow to make the most of every minute I can say that."

Name: Pledge

Author: Kandi Steiner

Series: Book 3 of the Palm South University Series

Genre: New Adult, College Romance

Season 3 of this exciting college drama has dreadfully dissapointed me. After the happenings of book 2, I was ready to devour and adore this next show. However, I felt that most of the issues that had interested me the most in book 2 went Poof in this one. 

Pledge follows that main cast as they travel into another year of heartbreak and disaster. As Cassie falls in love with Grayson, Adam's heart is breaking. While Erin is trying to balance presidency with her wild thoughts of revenge and hatred against Landon, Jess is trying to figure out her long distance relationship which isn't working out to her favor, and lastly Ashlei is embarking herself into this internship that could move worlds for her.. however she is starting to fall in love and lust with her boss. 

The turn of the events of the season where interesting, but they didn't grasp my attention as much as Book 2 did. Skylar and Bear were basically inexistent in this book and we had left them with so many unanswered questions. In this one they bored me. Same thing with Erin, I was expecting her to wow me just like she did in book 2 and I was heaped with dissapointment. Bright sides that I think came out of this book where my love for Adam (which was very much increased), and the relationship trope I enjoyed the most was Ashlei which was interesting as she had always been my least favorite character. 

"Because it’s not love, or apology — but pity, and I feel it all the way to my core. She knows it as well as I do. It’s her who owns me."

Again, I feel as content wise this series doesn't offer much. However, it really reads like your favorite guilty pleasure and I honestly cannot stop reading it. I enjoy the different tropes that form, and I feel that the author is trying to dig in and make her readings fall in love with at least one couple. Obviously when you mix and match and do this quickly one tends to not grasp the content of the story as a whole. However, my enjoyment of the story is still present. 

--- 2 stars --