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Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas

“Dorian we get to come back from this - from this darkness. We get to come back, and I came for you"

Title: Queen of Shadows

Author: Sarah J Maas

Series: Book 4 of Throne of Glass Series

Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic, Fae, War

Reading 400+ words and finishing this book in less than two days wasn't smart, but I could not stop my brain and body from thinking and wanting to keep reading. It was like every time I yawned I told myself it was time to turn off the light, but as I closed my eyes all I saw was Manon and her iron teeth and our fire breathing bitch Queen, so I continued. I continues until it was past my bedtime, and I finished the book with tears in my eyes and no willingness to be in the real world. I woke up to go to work and my life felt so mundane. Where was my Fae Prince? I spent the day wondering if a snow leopard was just going to jump out of the bushes. I literally spent the whole day living in between my world and my fantasy day dreams. That is how you know a book gripped you.

Sarah J Maas had not grasped me completely with this series. I loved the books and the writing as always, but loving TOG has been more of a slower process than my love for ACOTAR. I read ACOTAR and was obsessed from the get to. It took time to build my relationship with the characters in this book and I find that so rewarding. This story feels longer and more intense in some ways. I had been in love with many of the characters we saw in QOS, but in this installment I really got to enjoy them.

War is always a good theme for a book and the preparation and angst of getting to the war is always one of my favorite items an author can add to the series. This book is all about that. It is about that dread that is coming, the darkness building up, it is you as a reader knowing what the evil side is planning while also being aware that the good guys plans are going to fail. That was one of my favorite things about the book, the way that it was written so we were inside both side of the war and were observing all the decision and getting a huge foreshadowing of what the ending would be like - utter devastation.

Plot wise this book has been my favorite. Character wise it has also been my favorite. I felt the characters were really developed in this one. Not only where we introduced to more characters like Lysandra who know I understand why everyone is obsessed with her, I am too. But we also got to see Chaol and Aelin meet again, and we got to see Dorian battling with the darkness, Aelin and Aedion meeting again and of course Rowan and Aelin developing their relationship a little bit more.

There was not a single thing I didn't enjoy, I even found myself enjoying Chaol towards the end. I know he's a hated character and honestly he drove me mad in almost all the book. His ideals were messed up and he ruined things so badly that it just made me scream of how much of a coward he was. However as Aelin learned to forgive him and he started trusting, my heart bloomed because they all really deserve to be happy.

Another character worth mentioning was Dorian. He has my heart. Yes, Rowan and Aelin are end game and I stand behind that 100%, however Dorian took a piece of my heart from the very first book and watching him become so dark and evil and for him to suffer so much really broke my heart. I also didn't expect to love Manon as much as I did. I usually found myself not really paying attention to the witches chapters, but in QOS I really couldn't get enough. Everything, every chapter, every scene was filled with so much angst and interesting schemes that I became obsessed with them all.

Anyways this book is great, the series is great and I am glad we got a small dose of happiness before the world comes to an end again and more suffering occurs.

“You make me want to live, Rowan. Not survive; not exist. Live.”

--- 5 stars ---