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Review: Rewrite the Stars by Charleigh Rose

“I don’t think we ended up here just for you to die,” she whispers. “What if it’s already in the stars? You can’t change fate.” “Then we’ll rewrite the stars.”

Name: Rewrite the Stars

Author: Charleigh Rose

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Adult, Magic

Being a sucker for carnivals and a little magic, I knew I was going to be a goner for this book. With all the bad boy vibes and the curse that seems to follow Sebastian our protagonist I couldn't wait to devour the story. I was not let down with how unique the plot is. The story follows Evangeline - Evan for short, a spoiled high schooler who is sick and tired of her overbearing parents. For a night of revelry she goes to the carnival, where she meets Sebastian. A bad boy through and through and a performer on the carnival. They share a world twisting kiss until her parents call the cops to find her and they end up in jail for the night. However, Evan's night doesn't end there as she arrives to her hotel room and her father has been injured as someone tried to steal their belongings. Evan had lost her keys before when she was with Sebastian and as the days pass and her father becomes addicted to the pain medication she only has the carnival performer to blame. 

Destiny plays a huge role in this story (which is an aspect I also adored). Sebastian and his family are said to be cursed and not live to see a day after 25. Hence, why him and his cousins are all adrenaline junkies that partake in stunts that could abruptly end their lives. Destiny also brings Evan and Sebastian year after year together whenever the carnival is in town and she is always going back to them even when a part of her blames him for what happened that night that ruined everything. As her life falls apart and Sebastian proves to her that it wasn't him she decides on a whim to join the carnival for the summer. However, the carnival is not all sweet as she thought it would be. She gets entrapped in a world of lies and deceit and worst of all finds herself falling for the man who hasn't allowed himself to love or feel for his impending doom.

The plot was my favorite thing in the book. The story is incredibly unique and it was able to add a lot of themes and ideas without it being too much. There's family and friends drama, the added tension of being rich vs being poor, the romance that exists, the magic behind the curse and of course the mystery behind the pranks and inevitably Evan father's accident.

Throughout the story we get introduced to the characters who also play a big role in shaping the story. Evan is a great character as well as Sebastian. Many times authors err in not making their characters interesting enough for us to be able to read what they're thinking and not be bored. The author was able to make their thoughts and feelings come alive and be interesting and palpable for us to read. The chemistry also aids the flow of the book. 

Now, things I wish were more present or added to the story: I loved Sebastian, but at times I found him not nice enough. I love the bad boy aspect yet sometimes I wish he would've said more or done more to prove to me he wasn't all bad. The actions are there and there are some flimsy fast cute scenes yet there is not one scene where he actually SHOWS Evan the feelings he has. I feel he proves to me as I read his thoughts but never to Evangeline. I also didn't enjoy the first time they had sex, the scene was great. But something was missing as Evan screams at him that he caught feelings and he never agrees or disagrees he just has sex with her and that made me a little angry. I wanted more from him in a way. 

"I love this flawed, beautiful, maybe-cursed McAllister boy. And even though he doesn’t say it with words, I know he loves me, too."

The last thing I would've loved is for the story to be a little more whimsical. I love circus and carnival themed books because of the mystery and the magic around them and I felt the story was so true and straight to the point that a little more magic could've been added to make the story come alive even more. 

"We rewrote the stars. We made our own fate. We met two thousand miles from home, only to run in to each other again a year later. And a year after that. It wasn’t the carnival I was drawn to. It was Sebastian. That wasn’t a coincidence. If anything, that was fate."

--- 4 stars ---