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Review: Rush by Kandi Steiner

“Don’t ever fuck around with another guy in front of me,” he commands. “It doesn’t piss me off, it doesn’t make me hate you – it only makes me want you more.”

Name: Rush

Author: Kandi Steiner

Series: Book 1 of the Palm South University Series

Genre: New Adult, College Romance

Written as a telenovela Rush is one of the most originally written romance stories I've ever read. It basically welcomes you to Palm South University, a land where sex, drugs and lies are the norm and you follow the lives of 7 characters as they drift through college. 

The take on the whole university and sorority idea is very neat to see, specially after being in college myself and seeing things as "Littles" and "Bigs" firsthand, it felt a little funny and comical to read. The small references to rituals or chapter made my day as I remembered my days in college (Which weren't so long ago). 

However addicting the story is the characters felt a little flat for me. Although I am certain I will continue reading as I definitely found myself wanting to now more and got hooked like a bad tv show from the start, I will say the characters and their story lines could use a little work. 

Skylar was a cool character, I think she was the most unique one of the gang. Or at least I feel we were able to see and feel her presence in the story more. Same thing with Jess, we were able to really dig deep into their feelings and their persona and possibly their role in the book. 

Ashlei and Erin, sadly, were a little neglected. I didn't love their POV because I felt like the author chopped important parts of their life here and there. Ashlei goes from hiding she's pole dancing to doing coke and owing a bunch of money really fast, and what sounds like an intriguing plot line is faulted due to the writing being choppy. Erin's plot line was a little insignificant, she cared about being a Lawyer and about her sorority, everything else was very cookie cutter. I hope we get to see a more dynamic character next time around. As for Cassie, I enjoyed her story line, and I think she has a lot of potential for books to come. 

Now for the boys: Bear's story wasn't clever enough for me in the sense that I feel the author could've dug a little deeper. Adam is very sexy and confusing and I feel some mayor drama is going to come out of his story which makes me excited for the books to come. 

--- 2.5 stars ---