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Review: Sea of Ruin by Pam Godwin

“We were but two people who came from and belonged to the sea, reaching for each other because it felt right. It felt natural.”

Name: Sea of Ruin

Author: Pam Godwin

Type: Standalone

Genre: Adult, Erotica, Historical Fiction, Adventure

Romance in a way I had never ever read before. Pam Godwin is a very skillful and descriptive writer (in every type of scene). I had never read a reverse Harlem or anything that involved more than one person loving another and that's that. However, for September my Romance BOTM decided to go dark and steamy and boy we were not dissapointed. Everything about the writing is sexy, even the non sexy scenes splurged sex appeal.

The story follows Bennett Sharp as she loses her parents and becomes entrusted, from a very young age, to the world of piracy. A world where men rule, she needs to find her footing and become captain of her late father's pirate ship. However, she is captured by a pirate hunter Ashley Cutler, who rapidly mistreats her and adores her all in the span of seconds.

This book has a lot of heavy content, that is not really apt for a lot of people. Trigger warnings are necessary as well since it did deal with a lot of thematic elements that at times made the book a little hard to swallow. Our main character Bennett, has to go through a lot of traumatic experiences and at times I felt as though the author was just adding heavy and cruel scenes (violent too) to add to the gore or shock factor of the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, it was one of the darkest I've ever read. There are some aspects that I think the author did well on like her character development for Bennett and her descriptions of the world or characters. The adventure was also fun and fast paced.

Now for the bad parts. I have to say I did feel at times it was too much sex and naughty scenes mixed with violence. I also did not enjoy the Harlem side of the story, the ending through me off a little. I was not expecting her to stay with both men she loves, which makes sense but it was also a really weird statement for me and did not find myself enjoying *those* scenes.

-- 3.5 stars --