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Review: Something That Could Last by Ashley Cade

“I have something real with her. Something that could last. And I want it. I want her. I don’t want anyone else to ever touch her again. To love her. Just me.”

Name: Something That Could Last

Author: Ashley Cade

Series: Book 1 of The Wilde Hearts Series

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Ashley Cade writes beautiful characters, interesting ones to follow and likable enough to endure the whole story of them falling in love. However, Cade does not write plot. Over the course of the story we get snippets of issues here and there, but there are vast sex scenes and romantic scenes that make up for 80% of the book. The other 20% is plot that is added to entice the reader, but it never actually helps in anything because it was only used to heighten the romance. 

I love romance, I love love and I love reading about love. However, I also love when my romance stories have a little more depth. Unfortunately no matter how much I rooted for Abby and Jacob, I never did find the point of the story. I felt as if this book was 300 pages of their beginning and with the cliffhanger we got I am sure the next book will include a little more plot elements (I hope). 

Something I also didn't enjoy was the superficial addition of subcharacters. We have Luke, whose soul purpose is for the reader to compare him to Jacob and analyze how perfect Jacob is. I wish I could've gotten a little more of a glimpse at Luke than him being a jerk and obsessed with sex. Tiff, Abby's best friend is mentioned her and there and is a big "role" yet when the story starts to course a little towards her possible feelings for Abby's brother, we abruptly stop seeing her or being involved in her life. I feel as if the author spent too much time crafting this perfect love story that nothing else in their lives really makes sense. I wish we would have gotten more scenes with Abby's mother, or more problems with Jacob's parents or any type of issue but it just all lovey dovey and the love birds getting to know each other.

I recommend this story if you're just looking for a romantic love story with no subplots or plot elements whatever. If you're like me and enjoy a little more depth and sense mixed in with romance, stay away. 

-- 2 stars --