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Review: Sunkissed by Kasie West

Title: Sunkissed

Author: Kasie West

Type: Standalone

Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Family, Music

Sunkissed is a very cute and heart warming young love and coming of age story. Be prepared to swoon for the characters and their cuteness. Sunkissed narrates the story of Avery, a young girl who has always used music as an escape. Avery's summer has been horrible, she found her best friend and her boyfriend had a thing going on, and her parents decide to have this year's summer trip in a wifi-less, filled with nature camp. A little annoyed about the outcome of her current life, she does not expect to meet Brooks. Brooks is a staff member and certainly off limits, however he also loves music and they start a relationship as they become involved in a band competition.

The story is very PG-13, and the love story very YA in the way that both characters are trying to find each other individually and also within the relationship. I feel the story was refreshing and although many themes are not incredibly deep, they were incredibly built within the story.

One of the most enjoyable factors was watching Avery and her sister's relationship develop and grow. I loved seeing them resolve their issues and become best friends rather than enemies. I also really liked reading about Avery and her development from being a scared and passive teenager to a more sure of herself human being. Giving herself to Brooks and allowing him to love her opened her up in regards to knowing the type of love she deserves.

Overall, there were times where the story was a bit slow and the climax was a little cliche. The story feels a lot like a cuter Camp Rock, as the themes of brooding musicians and lying to get into a concert competition were a bit similar. However, I do think the story is worth reading and the ride is so sweet that it's incredible to read.

* I received this eArc from Netgalley and TBR Beyond Tours in exchange for an honest review *

--- 3 stars ---