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Review: Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose

"Thunderstorms, lightning, the smell of rain and tobacco, and the sound of his Challenger."

Name: Tell Me Pretty Lies

Author: Charleigh Rose

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, Adult, Forbidden Love, Death

Tell Me Pretty Lies is the perfect book to grab when you're in the mood for a sexy, angst filled, impossible love story. A stepbrother and stepsister story that turns into an enemies to lovers story that is weaved in with possible deaths and murder and written incredibly. 

I read review and they're very mixed. The bad are very bad, while the good ones seem to adore the story. In all truth, I think it will depend on your mood and how many of these enemies to lovers stories you've read. I've always loved this trope so for me the story was still refreshing because of the mystery aspect that is added which allows me for it now to feel like a cliche story. The characters are young and it also adds up to the mood of the story. Some people don't seem to understand that. I was very used to reading about older and in truth more mature couples. Be prepared for a whole lot of immaturity due to the age of the characters, hence why I thought it was perfect for the way and the actual setting of the book. 

Our story begins in Danny's funeral, and Shayne is looking for her stepbrother Thayer. They find each other in their special barn and you soon realize that their is more to them than a simple my mom married your dad relationship. However, as Shayne expresses her love for him, he freezes and never sees her again. That is until Shayne comes back to Heartbreak Hill not ready for the death stares her ex stepbrothers give her and the looming revenge everyone seems to want with her. All because she used to hang out with the most sought out for brothers, now without their protection she holds until the feeling of hope that Thayer will find his way back to her. However, it is not that easy as the grief of his brother's death is too unresolved and raw for him to forget and not to blame. 

The plot twists are very surprising, yet the story has a very interesting flow to it. The main relationship is not perfect. Thayer doesn't treat Shayne perfectly and tries to push her away as she comes back to him over and over again to make sure she knows he's there. Many criticized this aspect of the book yet they seem to overlook the idea that he is grieving. Hence, I didn't necessarily see this aspect as bad but overall a part of the character's growth that is visible as the book continues. 

I loved Thayer and how dynamic he was, as soon as you entered his mind you could feel the love and the hate he had for himself and therefore for Shayne. The guilt and the grief all mixed in with the ultimate desire for her. The chemistry is also amazing, which is the ultimate gift that wraps up the story. 

"feeling far too safe for a girl whose heart is in danger of being broken again"

An area I didn't enjoy of the book was the sub characters (mostly the adults) that weren't really explored. While we are shown character development in Thayer, Holden and Shayne. We don't really get that with her mother, brother or stepfather and I wish we could've seen more. I also didn't feel Taylor (the cheerleader nemesis) was well explored. I feel that more background could've been given there for the useless hate or envy she brings to the plot. 

“Like catching lightning in a bottle.”

--- 3.5 stars ---