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Review: The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

“In the end, we made enemies with our heads, but we unmade them with our hearts.” 

Name: The Betrothed

Author: Kiera Cass

Series: Book 1 of the Betrothed Series

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Royalty, Death

One of my least favorite things in the world is writing bad reviews, hence why even when I despise a book I try to be as objective as possible because I always hope that if I didn't enjoy the book someone else might. This is the case for the Betrothed. I had this book in my TBR for ages, got excited and giddy over finally being able to purchase it only to be thoroughly disappointed with the characters and plot. 

Many people argue that it was too similar to the Selection, Cass' debut series that made me fall in love with her writing completely. However, I disagree with this statement. I was okay if the book resembled the amazing plot twists and dramatic elements the Selection had to offer, I would have been honored to read another monarchy romance gone wrong and love triangles that gripped you till the end. I was prepared and so willing for Cass to twirl my world upside down with similar elements. Yet, this didn't happen. I also feel I had a very strong level of expectation, thinking it was going to be like the Selection and it was probably what lead me to not enjoy the story as much. 

The Betrothed follows a similar world setting as the Selection. Monarchs that rule different continent and places were the class difference is observed. Our main character, Hollis is daughter of a well known family and the King has laid eyes on her. As soon as the King is added into the picture, he is mentioned as being kind (and this is shown greatly) and very in love with our Hollis. I liked the King from the beginning I must admit, as soon as the other love interest was added into the mix I was expecting a pin was going to be dropped and it would allow me to hate the King and therefore side with Hollis but this never happened. 

My main issue was I didn't enjoy the main character. Hollis was spoiled and in my opinion didn't drive the story like America did in The Selection. We get upset at America and we want her to decide and we go through her struggles, yet with Hollis I didn't feel the connection. One second she wanted the fame (yes, in many parts she made me feel as if she only wanted the attention) and the love the King was giving her, until she meets this random boy (who is amazing and I truly loved him, but could've loved him more if their story was explored more) and falls in love and runs away with him. The love story didn't call to me, or allow me to fall in love with them as I did with Maxon and America. 

Now, the author did threw some curve balls at the end that I hope will end up in a much more well defined and centralized plot for the sequel. I will read it and I am dying to give this book a chance. I hope it simply suffered from jitters at being the next installment after a huge success and that it will eventually improve. 

--- 3 stars ---