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Review: The Billionaire's Betrayal by Carmen Falcone

Name: The Billionaires Betrayal

Author: Carmen Falcone

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Dark Romance

"'Well, even then, I was right. I'm keeping you around until I don't need you anymore'

'Forever,' he whispered. 

'Forever,' she agreed."  

Who isn't a sucker for a good and steam dark romance? If you follow my reviews you know I am a fan of anything steamy with a touch of darkness, however The Billionaire's Betrayal was a fast read that left me with no interest in the characters or their story. 

The Billionaire's Betrayal follows our two main characters Alexa and Brooks. Alexa is a Madam for a virgin auction, she basically sells girl's virginities to the highest bidder and they can stay with them for 30 days. Brooks' sister died or "was murdered" and the last place she was in was at Madam Alexa's auction. Brooks befriends Alexa and tries to get information out of her and soon realizes he is attracted to her. Using this attraction to his advantage he does everything in his power to weaken Alexa's walls and have him trust her. His plan obviously gets sidetracked when he realizes he really enjoys her affection. 

My first issue with the book is that although the themes were dark and could have created a good atmosphere, the rapid pace of the story didn't allow for the reader to entertain the plot. There really was no plot, or that's how it felt. As all scenes where basically ignored and more attention was given to the intimate scenes. I felt as though everything else was just a filler for the lust the characters fell for each other, hence why I really didn't fall for their relationship. Apart from the sex, everything was telling rather than showing. 

Even the climax or plot twist of the book is barely analyzed or glanced at. It all acts as a second act for the heavy sex scenes,  which were also not that great. I always like my dark romances to have a little bit more depth which heavily lacked in this story. 

* I Received this ebook through Netgalley and Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review*

-- 2 stars --