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Review: The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones

"Yes,” she answered.

“I grew up thinking monsters could be slain.”

“Ah,” he said. “And I grew up thinking people were the monsters.”

Name: The Bone Houses

Author: Emily Lloyd-Jones

Type: Standalone Novel

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Fantasy

The best type of stories are those that completely take you by surprise. Those that you are iffy about reading and as soon as you open the book, you become entrapped in the story, the characters and the writing. The Bone Houses was this for me, a surprising adventure that I am so happy I found.

Emily Lloyd-Jones writes the story of two amazingly complex and interesting characters ; Ryn and Ellis. Ryn is her town's grave digger (spooky), however she is also way more than that because in this eery town the dead don't stay dead for too long. They actually awaken and become Bone Houses. Bone Houses are skeleton versions of what these people use to be, most of them are dangerous and for some reason this magical forest that usually keeps the Bone Houses is letting them out and they're attacking Ryn's town. Ellis, a mapmaker is astounded by the mystical features of the town and offers to pay Ryn to travel to the forest so he can map out the way. For Ryn however this adventure is about discovering the reason why the Bone Houses are attacking now and to find the truth about her father's possible death. They, together, embark in a journey none of them will ever forget. An adventure filled with love, grief and danger.

When the first Bone House, came about I had the inkling feeling that I wasn't going to like the story because I absolutely hate zombie stories. I am not into this category of monsters. However, I decided to give the book a chance and wow did it blow my mind. At times the fighting with the Bone Houses got a little repetitive as they're basically one of the only monsters they encounter. Hence in their journey they fight plenty of times with them making it a little predictable. However, apart from that the story is completely unique and mysterious. I must say my favorite part of the story is when they add in bits of pieces of folklore and legends of the town. The legends tell the story of how the Bone Houses came to be, and following the kid's voices and adventure mimicking the legend was wonderful.

The romance in the story is so minimal and sweet that it doesn't take away from the character's essence and their personalities. They are very individualistic characters and I was impressed on how they seemed to be written by themselves, they are truly unique and impressive. The world building is great, many stories fail to accomplish this as they entrap us in a world that's magical but we never get an expiation of the magic. This book completely explains in an interesting matter the history behind the town.

"Fallen kings. He wanted to kiss her."

Overall, I completely recommend this book if you're in the mood for a little adventure and side romance.

"And perhaps this was the truth about the dead. You went on. They’d want you to."

--- 4 stars ---