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Review: The Court of Miracles by Kester Grant

"What binds us is our Guild. It is a bond stronger than family, thicker than blood. All you see here are brethren of the Thieves Guild."  

Name: The Court of Miracles

Author: Kester Grant

Series: Book 1 of Court of Miracles Series

Genre: Romance, Young Adult, Adventure, Historical Fiction

A peculiar story filled with mischievous characters and a world of thievery and murder. The Court of Miracles is an interesting story to say the least. It entraps you and allows you to get a glimpse of France during the revolution, however in this version The Wretched fill the streets at night and Those Who Walk By Day stroll through the alleys as the sun ascends. The royalty keeps to their castles as the poor are doomed to famine and thieves. 

The Court of Miracles follows a central character called Nina, or small cat as we get to know her. She is part of the Guild of Thieves. The setting behind the story is very unique, although the complexity of it as well as the diversity and addition of characters made it a little confusing. Specially to sort out who's good and who's bad. I feel that due to this as I read about a character I found myself distracted trying to rack my brain to see who this person was and what importance they had to the story. 

The intricacy of the world is neat and it is builded nicely. The Wretched are basically the "bad" people of France who have allowed themselves to become poisoners, assassins and thieves in order to survive. Those Who Walk By Day are the normal students that are thus middle class and of course the royalty which makes our high class. Nina, our main character, finds herself trapped in all of those worlds. Being filled with wit and bravery she embarks in an adventure trying to find her sister. However, this sister is caged by a Lord we call the Tiger. There are a lot of scenes where we can depict the Tiger as being someone who drugs their women and uses them in ways that are imaginable but never explained. 

The story deals with a lot of heavy themes yet those so lightly that we are aware of what is going on by reading between the lines. The connections between the people and the betrayals are astounding. It really does fill you with a lot of dread and anxiety as most of these tasks Nina has to do are bigger than her own life and can affect the whole world she lives in. 

Another not important plot detail, yet something that I adored was the additions of "stories" or legends told by the Guild Lords between them. They're children stories that actually tell so much truth about the royalty and the way the poor lived that left me speechless. 

The small doses of romance here and there, as well as some characters that allow for the mood to lighten a bit like Ettie really allow the story to come alive. 

*I received this ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review* 

-- 3.5 stars --