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Review: The Damned by Renee Ahdieh

“Then why have you given me the choice, against this inclination?” “Because I should not make your story about me.”

Name: The Damned

Author: Renee Ahdieh

Type: Book 2 of the Beautiful Series

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

The Damned continues a thrilling new vampire adventure. I love vampire novels and this sequel did not disappoint at all. We continue traveling through the ins and outs of New Orleans with Celine, who does not remember anything about what occurred with Bastien and Les Cours de Lions, and our newly turned vampire Bastien. 

One of the biggest factors that impressed me was how the author used the point of views to change the voices of the characters. There was a mix of third person and first person POV, that made this story come alive in the best way possible. 

Another PRO that was incredible in this sequel was the addition of more world building. One of my dislikes from the first book, was my confusion in regards to the paranormal activity and creatures that roamed New Orleans. We never really got a back story or introduction of the world in which our story was set. However, this time around many of my questions were resolved. We have a little more insight of where did Bastien's uncle come from, and thus are also explained the Fae world and the war between vampires and werewolves as well as vampires and the Fae. 

Celine was an amazing character to follow as she always is, but Bastien takes the lead in this sequel. Bastien takes on a new identity and has to basically re learn to live, while he is hating himself for what he has become. All that while watching the woman he loves forget him as the days pass by. However, the story shows that love is more powerful than anything as Celine slowly recovers her memory, allowing more plot twists to rise and questions to be answered. 

“What I am has no bearing on who I become.”

I am guessing there will be a 3rd book (hopefully released soon) as the story is left in a very peculiar spot. The mystery was incredible and it really had me rushing through the story while trying to dwell in Ahdieh's beautiful writing. 

--- 4 stars ---