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Review: The Dating Itinerary by Brooke Williams

Name: The Dating Itinerary

Author: Brooke Williams

Type: Standalone

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Office Romance

"because love is like a needle in a haystack. If you keep searching through that stack, you'll find it eventually. If you stop looking it will be lost to you forever" 

The Dating Itinerary is a very fast paced, cute, enemies to lovers office romance. George "Geo" Monais and Penny Coyne used to be work partners, until Geo got the promotion Penny deserved and it all went downhill from there. They meet again, in the brink of another job related promotion for the both of them. Everything is lying upon a dating itinerary where they have to try out different means of dating in the modern world and write about it in the perspective newspapers the work in. 

The story was witty from the beginning and the banter, although cheesy at times was also fun to watch progress. I enjoyed the story but it wasn't anything that changed my world. I enjoyed Penny as a character (Expect at the end when she jumps to conclusion she shouldn't have). I didn't adore George. I felt like the whole story line of him using "Geo" as an alterego was a little silly and it didn't really add much to the story. I felt that George did not know who he was, or the author did not know how to paint him as: the good boy, the bad boy, the playboy, the hero? Why not everything. That for me didn't work as the author seemed to have a very well developed character ideal for Penny, but Geo's character was all over the place. There is even one scene where Geo says to himself with conviction that he is going to forget about Penny and avoid the feelings they have for each other. However, in the same page two paragraphs below he texts her and the author writes in Geo's perspective of how he needed to act on his feelings towards her. And this is one time of many where the authors seemed to be doing opposing things or thinking opposing thoughts, it left me a little confused about what they really wanted. 

I did enjoy the premise of the book. The whole dating fiasco scenes where funny and unique and they added a cute twist to the book that otherwise would have been very flat.

*I received this book through Netgalley and Entagled Publishing in exchange for an honest review*  

--- 2.5 stars ---