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Review: The Dawn Chorus by Samantha Shannon

"An admission would sound like something it really wasn’t. It would just gratify me to know that he had the mettle to defy that Rephaite law. That he could stand the touch of a mortal. It would prove to me, once and for all, that he was prepared to fight for us."

Name: The Dawn Chorus

Author: Samantha Shannon

Series: Book 3.5 of The Bone Season Series

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Dystopia, Paranormal

Samantha Shannon has broken my heart and mold it back together in a span of 91 pages. When I saw the chance to return to the world of Paige and Warden, I knew I had to do so as quickly as possible. Although our period of time with them was short it was so worthwhile. 

The Dawn Chorus follows Paige after her brutal torture and showcases the aspect of a character's life we barely get to see: the recovering period. Experimenting the Dawn Chorus through Paige's eyes was painful and torturous, it filled me with angst and dread. However sad the story made me, I think it was an amazing story for doing that. For showing the reality, for showing Paige in her week moments as well as in her strongest. It allowed for us as readers to really dig in and understand her and root for her. 

Another factor that is precious in this story line, is observing Paige and Warden's relationship and bond grow. We don't get a lot of romance and that is exactly the point of Shannon's writing. She is creating a real and effortless bonds with two people who aren't meant to be together. I appreciate the slow burn romance and the simple thrills we get when they cook together or slowly showcase their feelings for each other. 

All in all, this book left me extremely excited for the next installment. 

--- 4 stars ---